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Undetectable pre existing conditions which are defects or mechanical failures that could not have been detected by a visual inspection and/or simple mechanical test.

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As times have gotten tougher, that has become less frequent, as the complaints and hassles have increased.

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Complete the cleaning by flushing the pipe with water.

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She made the initial claim on 6/26/18.

home warranty cost

Sometimes the companies are good, mostly they are not. This last claim the company sent out a repair person who told AHS a repair was covered and then AHS made them send out a second technician who said it wasn't covered as per his instructions from his boss, AHS is their biggest customer. Find another company and make sure whoever you go with they guarantee that they have plenty of service providers in your area. 4/14 Started service. 5/16 Called in for a repair. 4/25 Service tech sent to my home. He was there less than 5 minutes and looked at my furnace. Quote came back that it would cost me over $2000, for a new flue, ductwork, etc. I asked how he knew I needed a flue when he never went near the chimney. 4/30 AHS sent another company out. I never heard back from them.

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"I asked when and how will that happen.

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